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We, Sigríkur Jónsson and Sigríður Kristjánsdóttir, live at Syðri Úlfsstaðir in Austur-Landeyjar with our daughters  Rikka and Sara.

We both graduated from the university at Hólar in Hjaltadalur with an agriculture degree. Sigríkur is a member of the FT association and has worked as a judge (sport and gæðingadómari) for many years.

In 2003 we bought Syðri Úlfsstaðir and since then we have been building the farm up for the activities we conduct today.

In February 2012 we took in use a new stable that has 30 comfortable individual stalls. By the stable there is an old barn that is used as an inside riding facility. The stables are bright with good space, great to work in.

Since October 2013 Pia Rumpf has been working together with us. In May 2019 she graduated from Hólar University as a trainer and riding instructor.

We run a training center, horse breeding, service for stallion owners and in addition to that Sigríkur and Pia give riding lessons here in Iceland and abroad. They offer both individual and group lessons.

Our mission is to make each horse the best version he can be by using a suitable training plan for each individual. The same ground work applies for all horses but each horse has a different role and should be trained to do his best in that role. 
Our vision is to help riders find and train their dream horse, always working for developing the rider as well as the horse. The individuality of horsemanship makes it a complicated sport where you have to focus not only on the horse but always on the rider as well to be able to help the pair in reaching their goals.
Passion for horses
We have passion for horses, taming, training, breeding, teaching, competing and all the work related to a horse farm.


Feel free to give us a call at +354 8937970 or +354 8483685

You are welcome to visit us, weather you are looking for a horse to buy or need consulting.

Send us a line if you are interested in signing up for a course or buy a horse sydriulfsstadir@gmail.com

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About us